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RF Tags ltd is a branch of the Axicon Group

>> Ore Trak

RF Tag's "Ore TraK" system brings an end to the laborious process of trying to control underground mining activities. RF Tag's "Ore TraK" system uses cutting edge radio frequency technology to enable mining operators gain better control of the  conveyed ore and wasteflows.

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  >> RFID Projects

Make the most of our experience and expertise if you are contemplating going down the RFID path.

Project Assessment

- Identify a technical solution based on a customerís business requirements.
- Help develop a business case for the solution.
- Give independent advice on the best hardware and software available for the customerís specific application. 

Project Management
- Carry out a pilot implementation. 
- Project manage a full implementation.
- After the project goes live we will help to ensure that the benefits as set out in the business case are achieved.

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  >> RFID Smart Labels

Axicon, a world leader in the field of barcode quality, has introduced a smart label printing service to complement itís existing specialist barcode label division .

The new Ďsmart labelí bureau guarantees high quality smart labels in fast lead times and at competitive prices. 

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Rf Tags Ltd is a branch of the Axicon Auto ID group
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