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RF Tags ltd is a branch of the Axicon Group


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Axicon, through its subsidiary RF Tags, has been at the cutting edge of RFID for the last 10 years helping develop RFID solutions for various large and medium size companies. 

In 1997 we became the UK office for BiStar. BiStar was a licensee of the Supertag protocol and later went on to develop its own UHF passive RFID tags and readers. Using the BiStar reader we were involved in early RFID evaluation for many UK companies. 
BiStar developed strategies for increasing the read range and for the better use of permitted power levels for UHF RFID in the UK. It contributed to the current UHF standards by helping with the tests that were performed before the new 865 MHz to 867 MHz 2 watt band was proposed and accepted. 

RF Tags were actively involved in the Home Office’s Chipping of Goods Initiative in 2000 where boxes of CDs from Asda were tracked and traced and on the same initiative worked with Allied Domecq tracking boxes of wines and spirits on Chep pallets. The readers were portable units jointly developed by RF Tags Ltd and BiStar. The tag antennae were a special BiStar design constructed by RF Tags Ltd.

RF Tag’s Ltd have registered patents for tag and reader antennae and with the help of mathematical modelling expertise provided by Kent University have developed specialist tag antennae for customers such as Diageo. 



 Click here for a case study on tracking CDs at Asda.


 Click here for a case study on tracking wine and spirits at Allied Domecq

Rf Tags Ltd is a branch of the Axicon Auto ID group
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