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>>  Ore TraK System

RF Tag's "Ore TraK" system brings an end to the laborious process of trying to control underground mining activities using washers, wooden blocks and metal balls. RF Tag's "Ore TraK" system uses cutting edge radio frequency technology thus enabling the mine manager to gain a clear understanding of the makeup of the conveyed ore and waste flows. The information is initially gathered by a " tag-reader" system and can be sent via a network to the manager's pc.

Ore TraK- Benefits

  • Tracks ore from working place to surface.
  • Identifies the source of minerals whether reef or waste.
  • Reduces material interchange.
  • Reduces reef ending up on the waste conveyor.
  • Reduces waste ending up on the reef conveyor.
  • Enables an assessment of time for waste and reef to surface.
  • Measures team performance.
Ore TraK-Results
  • Increase in the mines profitability.
  • Quick payback on system in a matter of months.
  • Enables more control of what is happening underground

Ore TraK consists of

  • Passive disposable UHF Tags protected by robust HDPE Secondary Packaging. These are blast resistant and designed for use underground.
  • Readers with external antennas for mounting on conveyors. The readers are housed in IP65 enclosures for outdoor use.
  • A desktop issuing reader with internal antennas and a short read to enable tags to be issued.
  • Readers and Tags are compatible with ISO 18000-6A ensuring that customer is not locked into a single supplier.
  • A LAN/Web based software system allowing designated users to monitor ore movements.
  • A set of standard reports

Ore TraK- How the System Works

  • Using UHF passive tags and readers.
  • Tags are issued with time and date stamp.
  • Tags are placed in reef or waste at the working places.
  • Tag surfaces with stuff on the conveyor and is activated by the reader.
  • Tag number is read by the reader and time and date is recorded. Information is passed back to the database.
  • Screen displays information.  
  • Management information reports can be issued.
Ore TraK Implementation Plan
  • Analysis of material flows with client.
  • Site Survey including
    • Identification of reader locations.
    • Identification of communication structure.
  • Hardware and software installation.
  • Communications connections.
  • Issue of tags.
  • Test run the system by seeding the stopes with the issued tags.
  • Run the standard reports/screens.
  • Customise software/reports (extra).



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