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We have ten years of RFID experience built upon a quarter of a century in bar coding which gives us the perspective to assess projects objectively.

Project Assesment
Sometimes a large project proposal is built around the perceived need for RFID when in fact there is no strong business case for implementing RFID or the RFID method is not appropriate. Any system is underpinned by the quality of the data collected. If a large amount of the tags cannot be read then value of the system is diminished.

The read range of RFID tags is affected by the contents of the objects that they are attached to. These effects are also dependent upon the operating frequency used. You may require a large range to read all objects passing out of a door or a short range to give contactless read from and write to a train ticket.

Passive tags are required for low cost tagging of large numbers of items. High value items can use active tags which have their own batteries to give much longer range.Proprietary protocol passive tags can be used for closed systems or EPC tags for open systems. 

We can make test measurements to show that proposed read rates and ranges are realistic. 

We can make small quantity runs of smart labels for pilot tests

Project Management
We now offer our experience and expertise to companies who are contemplating going down the RFID path: 

  • To identify a technical solution based on a customer’s business requirements.
  • To help develop a business case for the solution.
  • To give independent advice on the best hardware and software available for the customer’s specific application. 
  • To carry out a pilot implementation. 
  • To project manage a full implementation.
  • After ‘go live’ help ensure that the benefits as set out in the business case are achieved.

Rf Tags Ltd is a branch of the Axicon Auto ID group
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